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Inspection Fees (based on the two items below)

1) The approximate square footage of the home (the size of the home is a good indicator of the length of time needed for the inspection)

2) The city the home is located in  (the location indicates the amount of drive time needed to and from the inspection)


The cost of a general home inspection ranges from $345 - $405 (homes up to 3,000 sq/ft). An exact quote can be provided once the above two pieces of information have been obtained.  Call today for your quote and to schedule your appointment.

Once repairs on your home have been made, we will return to the home to assess the repairs requested for quality materials and workmanship.  


Unlike most of our competitors, our "Re-inspection" is free. We want you to be assured your new home is safe and in good condition before you close.

Fees For Other Services

Sometimes a complete home inspection is not needed or desired.  In these cases we are able to inspect specific aspects of a home at discounted fees.

  • General Structural Evaluations (crawlspace or slab) $175 to $225

  • General Roof System Evaluations (exterior and attic) $195 to $225

  • General Electrical, Plumbing or Mechanical Evaluations $195 to $250

  • Mold/Mildew Evaluations & Surveying

  • Air sampling with pumps (includes lab fees) $125 each

  • Swab/Tape sampling (includes lab fees) $125 each

  • Combustible Gas, Carbon Monoxide & Carbon Dioxide Detection with recommendations $175 to $250

  • Radon Gas Detection (includes lab fees) $125 each

  • Lead Based Paint Testing (on-site analysis) with chemical swabs $75 each Water Testing Well Or Municipal  (includes lab fees) $150

The fees for the above mentioned items are quoted when performed individually. When the services are added to a general inspection, the fees are substantially less.  Many of the above mentioned items are included in the general inspection.

Varieties of Payment Methods For Your Convenience

1) We accept personal checks, cash & money orders.  For those who prefer payment with these methods, we will accept payment at the inspection and provide you with a receipt of the transaction.

2) We accept VISA, Master Card & Discover.  These payments may be taken at the inspection or be paid securely on-line.

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